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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Virgilio Ogando, principal, Holy Infancy Virgilio Ogando, principal, Holy Infancy

Virgilio Ogando, principal, Holy Infancy

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 by The Press in School

QYour education/professional background?

I was born and raised in New York City. I have a B.A. in behavioral science and elementary education, and two masters, one in bilingual education special education, and an M.S. in educational leadership administration. I was principal at St. John Vianney and Holy Spirit schools in New Jersey.

QWhat led you to this career?

AI have always wanted to be an administrator. When I started teaching I always knew that someday I was going to be a principal. I had the calling to serve others as a leader.

QWhat is your overall teaching philosophy?

AWe need to educate our young children today, so that in the future we can see the product of good leaders. Leaders in the world that gets more difficult day by day. In a Catholic education we teach our students about values, faith and discipline in today's world.

QWhat are the differences between public and private schools?

AIn public we cannot teach the students of the values of Jesus; meantime in the private sector we are able to discuss the values of Jesus Christ in everything we do, and it's easier to adjust and change for the purposes of structure and discipline.

QWhat changes will you make at Holy Infancy?

AFor the first year I will work with everyone, and try not to change anything. I will try to promote the school in whatever possible in the area to bring more students into the school. I also want to bring new programs into the school, and also a better greeting system, with parent volunteers to help in front of the school.

QWhy come to Bethlehem?

AI came to Bethlehem for better living conditions for my family, and because I have family in the area. At the same time I wanted to give my service to the school and the diocese of Allentown.