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Saturday, December 7, 2019

FHS cheerleaders compete in Philly

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 by KATIE MCDONALD in Sports

The Freedom Patriots participated in their first competition of the season at the Cheersport Philly Grand Competition on Saturday at Villanova University.

"Overall, we did a really good job. We lost 17 seniors, so we had a lot to compensate for. Our performance was a lot better than we thought," said Freedom co-captain, Sarah Callahan.

The Patriots' routine started with standing tumbling, a jump sequence, more standing tumbling, and stunts.

"Our jump sequence is pretty difficult this year, and our stunts are more difficult because we fly on the opposite [left] leg than everybody else," Callahan said.

The Patriots also have a running tumbling sequence, featuring some of the younger cheerleaders.

"Christina Youkamin has a full, and she's a freshman. She's the last pass, and you usually save your best gymnast for last. Kaylin Walker, she's a junior, and she injured her back the day before, but she still pulled her full, so we were really proud of her," said Callahan.

Freshmen, Christine Olson and Melissa Yountleman, also have fulls.

The routine ended with a basket toss, a pyramid, and the dance.

"The first competition is always really rough. There's always jitters, but it went so much better than we expected. There was only a six-point difference between us and [the first-place team]. Coach Zito was really proud of us, and we'll work on what we need to fix," Callahan said.