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Monday, October 15, 2018
PRESS PHOTO BY TRACY RICEMayor Jose Rosado swears in the nine new volunteer firefighters. PRESS PHOTO BY TRACY RICEMayor Jose Rosado swears in the nine new volunteer firefighters.

Fountain Hill--Nine volunteers join fire department

Monday, February 13, 2017 by Tracy Rice Special to the Bethlehem Press in Local News

Council approved an ordinance at a recent meeting to remove three handicapped parking spaces from Senecca St., Bishothorpe St. and Senca St. Council President Larry Rapp reported that the acquisition of the new building for the firehouse is moving along. Council Vice President Normam Blatt said the tax collection committee is thinking of renewing services with Keystone Collections for local taxes. They will review it with the committee.

Mayor Jose Rosado swore in the Fountain Hill Volunteer Fire Department officers for 2017-18. The following volunteers were sworn in: Fire Chief David Boehrer, Assistant Chief Thomas Hart, Assistant Joe Poporich, Deputy Chief/Safety Officer Richard Reis, Fire Marshal Ray Anthony, Captain Andrew Roberts, Captain Rich Laughlin, Fire Police Captain Jim Laczo, Fire Police Lieutenant Bryan Miller.

The baseball field will once again be used by Broughal MS and St. Peter’s Evangelical Luthern Church. Both organizations have their paperwork turned in and insurance on file, and use of the field for the season was approved. Council was notified by Kevin Frankenfield, the Little League president, that the clubhouse roof has been leaking. Public Works Supervisor Jason Quarry inspected the roof and the inside of the building and said they are in bad shape. They received one estimate for the roof for $2,307 from Frankenfield’s roofing company. Council will have Quarry get at least one more estimate and they have authorized him to pick the company after receiving that estimate. They would like to get the roof fixed as soon as possible.

Council then heard a proposal to close about 300 feet of Warren Street to parking from Nov. 1 to March 31.

Many residents from Warren Street were present and voiced their concerns for the lack of parking during these five months, especially around the holidays and during inclement weather.

Quarry defended the need to ensure the safety of borough workers in order to plow the streets and treat the roads for the safety of the residents.

Council members said the fire and police departments need to be able to get up those streets safely. If there are cars on this stretch of road there is not enough room to do so. Because the street is so steep, the salt trucks often have to back up in order to treat the road.

After much discussion and not much headway, Quarry agreed to meet with the residents regarding the new street restrictions and to see if they could come to an agreement. Quarry said, “If I can give them two, three more spots without compromising the safety of his workers, then I will.” The vote on the ordinance was tabled until the Feb. 15 meeting.