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Monday, March 25, 2019
Press photo by Katie McDonaldMeant to Move’s goal is to especially help youth reduce injuries. Press photo by Katie McDonaldMeant to Move’s goal is to especially help youth reduce injuries.

Meant to Move aims to help reduce injuries

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 by Katie McDonald in Sports

Meant to Move is a studio in Bethlehem owned and operated by certified Pilates teacher and licensed Yamuna Body Rolling practitioner, Jeanne Reilly, who teaches techniques that lead to more flexibility, greater muscle tone, and better posture.

“Both are low impact and can enhance everything you do in life,” said Reilly, who has clients of all ages. “My push right now is to teach more of our youth, and my dream would be to educate gym teachers, health teachers, and educators in general, and coaches in the schools who work with kids every day.”

This past winter, Reilly conducted classes in Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling for middle school and high school students.

“I love working with them, and it’s very rewarding, and they kept coming,” Reilly said. “Hopefully, I gave them a little knowledge and awareness that will reduce injury through adulthood.”

This particular group of students consisted of runners, but Reilly has worked with swimmers and dancers as well.

“Because of Pilates, their hips, knees, ankles, and feet don’t hurt when they run. They can run better. They can breathe better during their runs. They just don’t hurt as much,” said Reilly. “The Yamuna has helped kids who have a very specific deep pain or injury with knees, hamstrings, and calves. It is not limited to this, but has been the experience of this particular group.”

Liberty High School distance runners, Belle Weikert and Kaitlyn Murphy, are two of the students who worked with Reilly for the past four months.

“We do a lot of distance workouts [for cross country], and we’re sore, so this is so helpful,” Weikert said. “I had an SI joint injury because my feet were turning in. The Yamuna rolls it out, and through the winter, it’s completely better.”

Murphy also had an injury remedied by Reilly and Yamuna.

“I had a really bad shin injury, and she worked with me to help resolve it,” said Murphy. “I did lots of rolling out because I was very tense and tight.”

This summer, Reilly is offering five classes in Yamuna Body Rolling for student athletes in her home studio in Hanover Township.

“The goal is to learn techniques that the students will be able to carry out on their own throughout their sports seasons, reducing pain and risk of injury,” Reilly said.

Reilly’s website is