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Monday, June 25, 2018

Council hears resident concerns

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 by Tracy RIce Special to the Bethlehem Press in Local News

Members of the community from Tombler and neighboring streets wanted to know if St. Luke’s University Hospital was constructing a new helicopter pad at a recent coucil meeting. Joe Patanella, St. Luke’s Community liason to Fountain Hill, assured residents that they were not. “We removed three pine trees and will replace them with six smaller ones,” he said. The nursing school parking lot will be used in an emergency situation only as a backup for the helicopter pad. St. Luke’s needs a backup plan in case of an emergency, such as an instance where they had a problem with the elevator to the current helicopter pad and a child needed to be flown out of the hospital. If this occurs in the future, the nursing school would be notified and they would need to remove their cars from the parking lot, and residents would also be notified. Residents were very concerned about the noise the helicopters make when landing and about any potential damage this would cause to their property. Patanella said, “If there were to be any damage to their homes or properties that was due to the emergency helicopter pad, St. Luke’s would reimburse them.”

Another sore spot with residents is the construction that will start in the next few months on the public works building on North Clewell Street. Parking is already tight in the borough and having construction vehicles and workers’ vehicles on the street causes more concerns about where residents will park. One resident suggested temporary permit parking for residents only on the streets near the site. Council members said they would take it into consideration and speak to the construction company and St. Luke’s to see what they could work out. Fred Capuano, ex-council member, was concerned about the contruction building being in a residential neighborhood. Fountain Hill had the opportunity years ago to move its facilities, but didn’t. He said he feels all of the borough buildings should be together; police, fire, city hall and public works.

On a happier note, the Easter egg hunt will be held April 15 at 10 a.m. at the Stanley Avenue Park. Registration forms are available at the borough’s police department. Participants must have proof of residency. Rain date is April 22.

The Arbor Day observance will be April 28 at 1 p.m. at the corner of Lynn and Stanley. Please check the website for any changes (

Residents at the meeting brought to the attention of council the amount of trash they are seeing throughout the borough. Mayor Jose Rosado suggested forming a committee to do something about it. Council member Carolee Gifford and Rosado will head that committee. They are asking for any volunteers to contact the borough. They would like to get the community involved to clean up the area. Anyone interested should contact Fountain Hill Borough office at 610-867-0301 or through the website.

Pool season will be here before you know it and the borough doesn’t have any lifeguards or a pool manager yet. Anyone interested should contact the borough.

Carolee Gifford wants to see the community get involved with the borough website. Anyone interested in submitting pictures can do so through the website ( through the Contact Us section. These need to be high resolution pictures. The next meeting is scheduled for April 19 at 7 p.m.