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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Monday, July 10, 2017 by TRACY RICE Special to the Bethlehem Press in Local News

The council meeting of July 3 reported cleanup days around Fountain Hill Borough are progressing. Each Saturday brings more people topitch in and help clean up. The next cleanup Saturday is scheduled for August 2 at 9am at the park at Stanley Ave. Mayor Jose Rosado said that the “playground and pool are looking quite good.” They put one basketball hoop back up and the park has

been quiet. The playground coordinator has things under control.

Fountain Hill has obtained a DEP grant in the

amount of $100,000 for repairs at the Lechauwecki Springs Park.

Carolee Gifford, recreation committee chair, thanked Executive Administrator Anthony Branco for all of his hard work in applying for the grant. The police and fire departments

also received the Lehigh County Casino Grant in the amount of $106,084. Funds will be distributed at the discretion of the

Fountain Hill council.

COuncil also approved the hiring of two new attendents for the poll for the summer, This was a change from the original hires. Ordinance 836, which approves the addition

and deletion of handicapped parking spaces, was passed. There will be 2 additions, one on Kieffer St. an one on Cherokee St. A

handicap parking space which is no longer needed on Stanley Ave. will be removed.

There has been an ongoing problem on Delaware Aveue and North Lynn Street and North Bergen St. Several accidents have occurred recently, so Ordinance 837 was passed. This will allow for the “line of sight” to be better. The Ordinance will prohibit

parking at all times at the following locations:

Delaware Ave, the South side 90 feet east and 90 feet west of

the intersection with North Bergen Street. Delaware Ave, North,

90 feet east and 90 feet west of the intersection with North

Bergen St. Delaware Ave, South, 90 feet east and 90 feet west of

the intersection with North Lynn St, and Delaware Ave, North, 90

feet east and 90 feet west of the intersection with North Lynn St.

Public Works needs to fill 2 full time positions. The committee has conducted interviews and at this time would recommend hiring Ernest Liable III. The vote was taken and was unanimous. His hiring is contingent on passing all the required testing and

will be on a 6 month probation.

A concerned resident of the 1100 block of Moravia Street brought up a request that the Council consider an amendment to the

Burning Prohibition 791 of backyard fire pits. She is asking council to ban all backyard fire pits. As the rule stands, the fire pit must be 20 feet from a property line and 25 ft on each

side from a structure or building. She is concerned about the fine particles that can cause many infections. The houses are

all very close to each other in Fountain Hill and the smoke crosses over. When someone is burning a fire pit, the air particles travel to other neighbors home and makes it hard to

enjoy the outdoors. “You become a prisoner of your own environment,” stated one resident of Moravia St. Council decided that it is something that they can revisit and it will be passed to the House and Ordinance committee. Chair, Norm Blatt, will arrange for the committee to meet and discuss further what can

be done. They will set up a meeting to discuss.