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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Laurie Sage Laurie Sage
Laurie Sage Laurie Sage

Sage new Freedom assistant principal

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 by Heather Nigrone Special to the Bethlehem Press in Local News

The Bethlehem School Board held a special board meeting Aug. 7. Although the board took off during July, this special meeting confirmed that the commitment to employees and students doesn’t get a vacation.

The primary task was the recommendations of the administration, a 14-page document listing all of the staffing resignations, retirements, promotions and reassignments throughout the district. As Superintendent Dr. Joe Roy mentioned, the purpose of the meeting was to memorialize the extensive hiring and interviewing efforts conducted by the district over summer break, to minimize impacts during the school year.

A moment was taken to recognize one position in specific, noted as the most distinguished new position for the 2017-18 school year. Freedom HS needed an assistant principal, and the district interviewed about 10 exceptionally qualified candidates. Roy said he wanted to personally recommend to the board and congratulate the selected candidate. Freedom HS English teacher Laurie Sage graciously thanked the board for selecting her as the new Freedom assistant principal, starting this school year.

After the special meeting, the curriculum committee also met to finalize their summer research into grants and funding for specialized programs. Items recommended for approval included the contract with Step by Step learning for training of first and second grade teachers, and support staff. The contract will provide for the training previously provided to kindergarten teachers, to reach the districts goal of 100 percent of students reading by grade three. Dr. Roy stressed his support of the contract, as “putting our money where our mouth is” and building off past successful results.

Grant money from the federal government was also discussed; over $4.5 million in federal funding will be delivered to the district under specific titled grant programs. The money is used for multiple objectives, including equalizing the educational system for students of all backgrounds and capabilities.

Lincoln ES also received a continued Title 1 grant focused on overall improvement of that school, which has been an ongoing goal of the PA Dept of Education. The money shall be applied to professional services contracts for Lincoln with Colonial Intermediate Unit 20.

The final grants and contracts presented included the final year of a three-year grant providing social workers for Liberty HS and the childcare centers in 13 locations throughout the district.