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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Article By:  Tracy Rice Special to the Bethlehem Press Article By: Tracy Rice Special to the Bethlehem Press

Article By: Tracy Rice Special to the Bethlehem Press

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 by Tracy Rice Special to the Bethlehem Press in Local News

The Fountain Hill Little League will be getting some much needed renovations. They received a grant from The Iron Pigs for $3500 for field renovations. The newly appointed Little League President, Mike Yurasek and Vice President, Robert Brandt are super excited to get the field in playable condition. They will be working with Public Works Supervisor, Jason Quarry, to get quotes for clearing the overgrowth. The grant has $500 for updating/repairing the scoreboard, $500 for brush removal near 1st base and the scoreboard, $2500 for overall field renovation. These renovations are long overdue, but due to lack of funding they were not able to do it. They will be able to cut back the brush by at least 10 feet and get rid of the poison ivy so the kids can walk safely to the restrooms.

Fire Chief Dave Boehrer was proud to award the following Fountain Hill Volunteer Firemen with years of service awards at the October 2 meeting: Dennis Hercik with 47 years of service, and Joseph Hart with 25 years of service. Peter Roberts received the Firefighter of the Year award. Chief Dave said he has only been with the company volunteering for two years and has accumulated over 1200 hours. “Peter is always there and helping out with other projects at the firehouse,” said Chief Dave.

Anthony Branco, Executive Administrator, asked for a motion to withhold $2,091.00 from Barker and Barker Construction. Barker and Barker Construction is responsible for the Jeter Ave. reconstruction project. These fees were incurred due to failure to supply correct documents, such as the Davis/Bacon Wage Act and materials used, to the state in a timely manner. Hanover Engineering was completing all of the required information for them. Council was in total agreement and once they receive the final bill they will deduct that amount from it.

The electronics recycling day that took place on September 23 took in 22 tv sets. It went well with $300 collected. Branco, said, “that there were at least two other counties that had a recycling event on the same day.” They are not allowed to profit from this event, it is a service they offer the residents so that the items stay out of the landfills. Continuing with the clean up in the borough, the Police Department will be having the prescription drug take back event in conjunction with St. Luke’s Hospital on October 28, from 10-2pm. This year there will be two locations to drop off old prescriptions, at St. Luke’s or Police headquarters.

Bethlehem will be extending trick or treat night to 9pm this year, but Fountain Hill decided to keep the trick or treat time from 6-8pm on October 27. The fire house will also be having their “Spooky House” on the same night starting at 6pm. Be safe and have fun.

Carolee Gifford still continues to have the clean up days. The next one will be on October 7 at 9am, and they will be meeting at the playground. “This is a great opportunity for students to get involved with their community and it is a nice spirit of camaraderie,” said Gifford.

Council received a letter from Edward Boscola from the City of Bethlehem with a proposed resolution to replace the fire hydrant line at Benner and Cherry streets with a parallel 6” main line by the end of the year. There was nothing to indicate that they will test and maintain the other hydrants in the Borough.There are so many unanswered questions by council that Branco will set up a meeting with the City of Bethlehem to discuss the unresolved maintenance of the other hydrants in the borough, under the recommendation of Peter Lehr, Solicitor for Fountain Hill.