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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

D-11 playoffs: If Hurricanes win, they are in

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 by Peter Car in Sports

It’s the final week of the football season and playoff spots are on the line. District 11 held a conference call to hash out scenarios Monday afternoon. Listed below are what each of the six classes are shaping up to look like.

1A (Four qualifiers)

1. *Williams Valley (9-0)

2. *Tri-Valley (6-3)

3. *Nativity (6-3)

4. *Marian Catholic (4-5)

Williams Valley heads into the tournament as the top seed.

2A (Four qualifiers)

1. *Palmerton (6-3)

2. *Schuylkill Haven (5-4)

3. Mahanoy Area (5-4)

4. Panther Valley (3-6)

5. Minersville (3-6)

6. Catasauqua (2-7)

Top two seeds are clinched in their respective spots. Mahanoy Area has likely clinched, but it’s not definitive. There is a chance that Catasauqua can slide into the playoffs with a win over Northwestern this week, coupled with a Minersville win over Panther Valley.

3A (Eight qualifiers)

1. *Palisades (9-0)

2. *Lehighton (9-0)

3. *Jim Thorpe (9-0)

4. *North Schuylkill (7-2)

5. *Notre Dame GP (7-2)

6. *Tamaqua (5-4)

7. *Wilson (4-5)

8. *Salisbury (4-5)

A Palisades win over Saucon Valley will clinch the top spot for the Pirates, but the top three teams in this class will stay in the top three no matter what happens. North Schuylkill and Notre Dame both stay at four and five respectively with wins this week. Bottom three teams can fluctuate based on results, but none can get higher than the sixth seed.

4A (Four qualifiers)

1. *Bethlehem Cath (7-2)

2. *Central Catholic (6-3)

3. *Saucon Valley (6-3)

4. *Pottsville (4-5)

Hawks and Vikings are locked into the 1-2 spots respectively. A Saucon win over Palisades this week keeps them third.

5A (Four qualifiers)

1. *Whitehall (6-3)

2. *Southern Lehigh (8-1)

3. *East Stroudsburg S (5-4)

4. *East Stroudsburg N (0-9)

Whitehall clinches the top spot with a win over Northampton this week.

6A (Eight qualifiers)

1. *Parkland (9-0)

2. *Stroudsburg (7-2)

3. *Easton (6-3)

4. *Emmaus (6-3)

5. *Freedom (5-4)

6. *Nazareth (5-4)

7. Pocono Mt West (5-4)

8. Pocono Mt East (4-5)

9. Liberty (3-6)

Parkland has clinched the top seed for districts. The rest of the bracket is a crapshoot as of now, especially the next five teams. If Stroudsburg, Easton and Emmaus lose, Freedom can go as high as the second seed with a win over Liberty. Nazareth plays Easton this week and Emmaus takes on Parkland. Stroudsburg faces Pleasant Valley. The final three spots come down Pocono Mountain East, Pocono Mountain West and Liberty.

East and West square off against each other Friday night with the winner clinching a district berth. Liberty then comes into play Saturday afternoon against Freedom needing a win to get in. Should Liberty lose, both East and West would then clinch the final two spots. If Liberty would qualify, they would then face Parkland in the first round of districts.