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Monday, March 18, 2019

Borough gets new mayor, council member

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 by Tracy Rice Special to the Bethlehem Press in Local News

The meeting on Nov. 22 welcomed council President Larry Rapp back from a long absence. He was happy to announce that Carolee Gifford will be the next Fountain Hill mayor and her term will start in January 2018. There will also be a new council member, Leo Atkinson, and his term will also start in January.

Residents were given the privilege of the floor and they were still outraged at the proposed tax increase for 2018 year. Several residents spoke about using the rainy day fund for part of the tax increase. This was explained in detail that the Fountain Hill Borough uses that for unexpected expenses that might occur that were not figured into the budget. The finance committee will be looking into 2 issues that were brought up by residents. The first is looking into hiring either a full time tax collector or hiring an outside firm to take control of collecting the taxes. The second request was to have payments set up to pay taxes instead of one lump sum. No promises were made, but Rapp said, “he would have them give it one more shot.”

Ordinance 839 had the first reading. This Ordinance is the Real Estate and other taxation. The Real Estate Tax Rate for all Borough purposes for Fiscal Year 2018 is:

General Fund 7.63 mills(municipal government operations)

Fire Department 0.08 mills(Debt payment on fire apparatus)

Library Services 0.40 mills(provision of Library Services)

Total: 8.11 mills

These taxes are to be levied on all properties in the Borough subject to taxation for Borough purposes.

The Christmas Tree Lighting took place on Sunday, December 3 at 4pm. Broughal Middle School band played music and Girl Scout Troop 82048 sang some holiday carols. Epic Church has taken over the hospitality for the Christmas Tree Lighting. The American Legion handed out treats for the kids as well.