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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Professor Spirk and Professor Martin Professor Spirk and Professor Martin

NCC’s Criminal Justice program #11 in the nation

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 by Contributed article in Local News has named Northampton Community College’s online associate degree in criminal justice #11 in the nation. Rankings are determined by academic quality, online offerings, cost and student aid offered.

“There’s a lot more to learning than just books. That’s why we include a heavy dose of real world perspective in our program,” said Professor of Criminal Justice John F. Spirk Jr., JD.

As a district attorney and deputy attorney general, Professor Spirk knows the law. As a professor, he finds nothing more satisfying than “when my students have just applied topics learned to some event in the headlines.”

Professor Vertel Martin served for over 22 years in law enforcement with the City of New York. In the classroom, she employs the keys of “communication, cooperation, and exchange of information and intelligence, along with courtesy, professionalism and respect.”

The two professors bring a real world “Law & Order” perspective to the criminal justice program at NCC. Learn more about this dynamic duo and NCC’s criminal justice program at

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