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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Liberty tops Becahi

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 by Katie McDonald in Sports

Liberty senior Kyla Benner’s three-run homer in the third inning lifted the Hurricanes to a 5-3 victory over Bethlehem Catholic, and Brooke Zigmund’s throw to Kira Kuhns at home plate in the seventh inning assured a Hurricane win over the Hawks last Friday at Liberty.

I usually get put in those situations, but I felt that this game was a bit different because they’re a close rivalry to us, and I knew I had to dig deep and find that power to get a hit somehow,” Benner said. “When I hit it out, I was like, it’s going. The adrenaline that was going through me, that’s why I ran so fast around the bases. I finally hit a home run on this field.”

Benner came up to bat with a 0-0 score, two outs, and Paige Zigmund on first base and Alexa Burger on second after each had a single.

“It feels great,” said Benner. “I knew we had to get on them early.”

In the top of the fourth, Alyssa Jiminez reached first on an error, and Julia Sledz got to second on an error for Becahi. Two runs scored for the Hawks when Morgan Christine had a hit over the head of Liberty’s second baseman.

The Hurricanes then scored two runs of their own in the fifth inning after Brooke Zigmund scored on a throwing error, and Mikayla Ruppert scored on a ground out.

“My job was to get to third,” said Zigmund. “I saw the ball was coming so I slid in. [Coach] Sam [Carrodo] saw it go by. He goes, ‘Go, go, go, go, go,’ and I scored.”

Jiminez scored the Hawks’ third run on an error in the sixth inning.

“We did make some errors we shouldn’t have made, but we have a philosophy, bend but don’t break. We let them on base, fine, but don’t let them score. But the errors we had led to their runs, all three runs. We can’t keep doing that and win games. We’re just very lucky in winning this game because they’re a very good team, but the focus and tenacity they showed after making those errors is what really counts,” Coach Carrodo said.

In the bottom of the seventh, the Hawks loaded the bases when Brooke Zigmund caught a fly ball and threw it to home.

“I knew I had to get the girl out at home if she was going because they could not score again. I heard my teammates, they told me she was going, so I knew I had to go home,” Zigmund said. “It was amazing. I knew the throw was a little off, but Kira got it.”

Kira Kuhns made the play at home to end the game.

“I thought she was going to try and run around me, but she didn’t get to. I was nervous it was going to get by, but I was like, we have to do this, and I’m excited that happened,” said Kuhns. “We were so determined to come here and win, and we came through with it.”