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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Jeter Ave. work will move to phase 2

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 by tracy rice Special to the Bethlehem Press in Local News

At the May 7 meeting council received five bids for the second phase of the Jeter Avenue reconstruction project. The bids that came in were: Bracalente Construction Inc, for $99,413; New Enterprise Stone Lime for $141,330; Lehigh Asphalt Paving Construction for $142,390; Graver Industries DBA Barker Barker for $147,948; and Lehigh Valley Site Contractors for $153,896. The bid was awarded to Bracalente Construction Inc.

Ordinance 841, which amends Chapter 27 of the code of Fountain Hill providing for the regulation of medical marijuana facilities in accordance with Act 16 of 2016, passed on its second reading unanimously.

A previous request for a handicapped sign was tabled from April. James and Lisa Lauer were present for the meeting and were able to state their case to council to reconsider the request. Council heard their request and discussed it thoroughly. It was decided that they would grant the sign request, but it would not be a private sign.

St. Luke’s and Fountain Hill continue to work together to make Fountain Hill a better place to live. St. Luke’s will be paying off the balance for a backhoe, which is $75,000, and will also be paying off the balance of the cost of the new light at Broadway and Delaware Avenue, which is another $25,000. These costs are a great financial burden to the borough and any help they receive is greatly appreciated.

For the 24th year, Fountain Hill has received the 2017 Tree City of USA award from the Arbor Day Foundation.

June 9 marked the opening of the Fountain Hill Community pool, as well as Fountain Hill Community Day. During the May 7 meeting it was brought to the attention of council, by council member, Leo Atkinson, that the salary of pool cashiers was too low. They were finding it difficult to have enough workers and retain them for the season. He proposed raising the salary to $9 per hour, which was approved. During the May 23 meeting a motion was made to again reduce cashier pay, but this failed after a lenghthy discussion.

In accordance with the opening of the pool on June 9, Fountain Hill held Community Day In other exciting news, Resolution 2018-28, which approves the bid for Lechauweki Springs Park phases 1 and 3, storm sewer and DSA placement project, passed. The lowest bid received was from Barwis Construction, LLC in the amount of $146,305, or $135,641, based on the amount of the grants awarded.

The public works committee asked that Bradley DeFiore be hired as a full time employee. He has completed his probationary period and has passed all background checks. Council voted unanimously to welcome him to the borough.