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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Article By: SAUCON VALLEY HS NEWS - Global Scholars formed - Maddie Schaffer

Monday, February 11, 2019 by SAUCON VALLEY HS NEWS - Global Scholars formed - Maddie Schaffer in School

Saucon Valley HS has created a Global Scholars Club under the guidance of Spanish teacher and world traveler Theresa Andreucci. The club focuses on raising cultural awareness and a joy of travelling through a variety of events and meetings.

“I had the idea to bring the program to Saucon because I knew a lot of students would be interested,” Andreucci said. “We have many students with global interests, some have already traveled abroad and others who someday will travel and want to learn about other cultures.”

The club attracts over 30 members for each monthly meeting and has had a huge impact on the student body in general.

In order to share global experiences and knowledge, the meetings are mainly organized around student trips. During meetings students share their stories and experiences from their travels abroad in countries ranging from Canada to Brazil to Egypt.

“It is so important for students to understand other cultures in order to work together and break down barriers. Understanding another culture allows for more open communication and real progress toward a better future,” Andreucci said.

Over the past few months members have had the unique privilege of listening to two foreign exchange students present on their native countries of Italy and Lebanon.

“Being able to listen to our school’s exchange students has allowed me to appreciate the fact that although we may be from different countries and speak different languages, we have more in common than we may think,” said Brandon McIntosh, a senior club member.

Saucon Valley’s Global Scholars Club recently paired with the Teach Rwanda Program for a fundraiser in order to raise awareness and support for education abroad. The goal of this fundraiser was to collect books and donations for the Bright School in Rwanda. Unlike the usual school systems in Rwanda, this elementary school focuses on creative education and applying knowledge in order to solve problems as opposed to memorization.

Over the course of the week, Global Scholar Club members created over a dozen posters to advertise this event as well as bringing in numerous books and raising a substantial amount of money.

As the Global Scholars Club nears the end of its first full year, its members and school community are very pleased with the impact it is having on the student body.

“My favorite part of being the advisor is seeing all the students in action,” Andreucci said. “Many have stepped up into leadership roles and taken on the responsibilities that are associated with these roles.

“I love hearing from students about their travels and what they found to be most unique about the people and countries they have met and visited.”