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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
STUDENT PROFILE - Lean Fastenau, Freedom HS - by Julia Swan STUDENT PROFILE - Lean Fastenau, Freedom HS - by Julia Swan

STUDENT PROFILE - Lean Fastenau, Freedom HS - by Julia Swan

Monday, February 11, 2019 by The Press in School

Grade: 12

Family members: Jean Fastenau (mom), Joel Fastenau (dad), Kamrin Fastenau (sister)

Favorite subject: Calculus because it was such a joy to take – the teacher (Mr. Young) was great and most of my friends were in my class. Math has always been my strongest subject and calculus came very naturally to me. I’m also enjoying taking American Sign Language. It’s such an intriguing class, learning not only signs, but also about deaf culture.

Activities: I play clarinet in the band and am a section leader this year. I played softball for two years and was JV captain sophomore year. I am also involved in Buddies Helping Buddies (a club helping the LiefeSkills students), Special Olympics, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and National Honors Society.

Next steps: I plan on going to college for special education and hope to attend either Syracuse University or the University of Minnesota.

Career goals: I want to work with kids with disabilities and their families.

Heroes: My grandfather, a Korean War vet, for his example and unconditional love to his grandchildren; my sister because despite her disability, Down Syndrome, daily proves those who doubt her wrong, and she brings so much joy and happiness into my life

Hobbies: I play tournament softball for Phoenix Softball 18U, take private clarinet lessons, am a part of Young Life and love spending quality time with friends and family.

Current job(s): I work for the IronPigs at Coca-Cola Park in the food and beverage department and at Unangst Tree Farm in the “Tree-T Stand”

Volunteer/community work: I am a board member at the Miracle League of Northampton County; I am the student representative and on game days, you will most likely find me behind the plate. I also volunteer for the Eastern Pa. Down Syndrome Center and am on the Buddy Walk Committee. Additionally, I was able to volunteer last summer at a bike camp called iCanBike that teaches kids with disabilities how to ride a conventional two-wheel bike.

Likes: Dessert foods, especially ice cream; fruit, board games, cross-country skiing; soft fuzzy blankets

Dislikes: Bugs, coffee, seafood

Greatest accomplishment (so far): I auditioned and made PMEA District Band junior year on clarinet.

Advice for peers: Build strong connections and friendships with your teachers, coaches, directors, principals, etc., because it makes school less intimidating and it is easier to go up and talk to them about both school and non-school related things.

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