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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Article By: MORAVIAN ACADEMY NEWS Logan Maeding - Spring sports begin

Monday, March 18, 2019 by MORAVIAN ACADEMY NEWS Logan Maeding - Spring sports begin in School

With spring in full swing, Moravian Academy students have begun to get ready for the second semester. This includes officially ending the winter sports season with an awards ceremony, a spring break, and much more (not to break the fourth wall or anything, but as I am writing this, the break is coming to an end). The weather has finally decided to level out, and spring sports are taking the break from school as a time to get some extra practice before the games start. Overall, winter has finally ended, and spring is ready for action.

Winter was a noteworthy time for Moravian in terms of competitions. The swim team made it all the way to districts, got second place overall and set a few school records in the process. Also, our school excelled at Emmaus HS Programming Competition. Our two teams that won third place and sixth place were comprised of Grace Burcaw, ’22, Will Schmidt, ’22, Alek Krupka, ’21, Rohan Mehta, ’23, for the first team; and Ben Kraft, ’20, Iyancy Georges, ’20, Alex Adams, ’20, and Sara Xiao, ’21, for the second.

Likewise, 16 students from Moravian Academy Upper School and 26 students from the middle school went to the PJAS (Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science) competition which took place Feb. 23. There, 33 of the students won first awards (with six of them receiving a perfect score), and the other nine received second awards. These are just a few of the many things that Moravian students accomplished during the winter.

Our spring sports seasons are also almost here. Our baseball team has been getting hyped and is ready for the season. Practices this year have been packed with focus and energy, with every person finding out something that he can do to get even better than last year. We might have a small team compared to earlier years, but in the words of baseball Coach Eckman, “I have a great feeling about this year and our team.”

The boys and girls lacrosse teams also took advantage of the spring break to get some practices in, and it could be seen from the back of the gym that they are definitely pumped for the beginning of this season. Our tennis team has already begun its season and completed its first match on Monday against Southern Lehigh.

Our robotics team will be going to its first competition this weekend. The team is both hyped and nervous, but when asked about how prepared they are, our co-leader Jack Lutostansky said, “We are the most prepared we have ever been. Hopefully, this is the year we will make it to nationals!”

You can watch the outcome of the competition online at the end of the weekend at FIRST Robotics official YouTube channel.

With winter in our past, spring has decided to finally step up and take its rightful place as the owner of March. The weather the past week has obviously shown this, with days getting as warm as 70 degrees (with a quick blast of rain on Friday). The snow that was present last week has disappeared, and was replaced with the life-giving rain of spring. Soon, students will be seen playing Kan-Jam and Spikeball on the lawn at the center of campus.

Last but not least, Moravian Academy wishes everyone a happy spring!