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Monday, June 1, 2020
Raj Kundu Raj Kundu

Raj Kundu

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 by The Press in School

Liberty HS

Grade: 12

Family members: Kaushik Kundu (father), Kwanjai Chonlapan (mother), Anita Kundu (sister)

Favorite subject: I love all of the sciences – biology, physics, chemistry – because they are each like a looking glass: through each of them, I’m able to catch a small glimpse of the amazingly complex world which we live in.

Activities: I am involved with the Robotics Team & Club, tennis team, debate team and Science Olympiad Club. Extracurricular activities really enrich the high school experience.

Next steps: After I graduate from Liberty, I hope to earn my bachelor’s degree and then apply to medical school.

Career goals: I hope to become a physician in the future. I love to help people, and I believe I can do so most profoundly in the field of medicine. Also important is my love for the subject; I find the human body fascinating. Isn’t it amazing that our cells can read DNA like we read a book, all without eyes or a brain? It is almost incomprehensible to me how a single cell functions, let alone how we awesomely intricate human beings do. As Mrs. Bednarkik, my biology teacher, put it, “How do you boil a memory down to a chemical reaction?”

Heroes: My heroes are my parents. They are both in the medical field and I greatly respect them. They have also given me countless opportunities in my life for which I will always be indebted to them.

Hobbies: I enjoy robotics, programming and technology in general. I also enjoy playing badminton and tennis, though I am not very good at the latter. Learning is also very fun, but not so much the part that includes being swamped with homework and exams!

Volunteer/community work: I have painted soccer fields for the Bethlehem Soccer Club and assisted reception at St. Luke’s Hospital’s Physical Therapy department. I volunteer as an EMT in Hanover Township. I would also like to create a free standardized test tutoring resource for student at Liberty HS, which I am working hard to get off the ground.

Likes: I really enjoy my hobbies: robotics, badminton, tennis and keeping up with the newest gadgets. I like macOS and iOS. I really love learning about the sciences!

Dislikes: I don’t particularly relish the stress of college applications. I also don’t care too much for Windows computers or Android devices.

Greatest accomplishment (so far): My greatest accomplishment is whatever I’ve done that has helped other people the most.

Advice for peers: Whenever there’s a problem, sometimes it’s easy to sit back and complain. Instead, if you first focus on fixing the problem, you’ll soon see that there’s no reason to complain at all!

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