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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Maeder Maeder

Year winds down

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 by The Press in School

Spring is blooming as the school year begins to wind down. As the weather changes, the mood of the school is also changing. People are studying for finals, and having fun in their free time.

You can see people playing spike ball out on the lawn, people studying in the nice weather, and quite a few unlucky souls who are off in need of the nearest tissue. People have also changed out of their cold-weather uniforms into warm-weather uniforms. Speaking of uniforms, sports have finally calmed down as the spring sport season has finished. Additionally, seniors had their last day of school and have moved on to their post-terms. Also, people have begun to study for finals.

Lately, since the weather has changed, there have been some games of spikeball on the lawn of Moravian. People will spend their free periods playing against friends, or participating in the school-wide spikeball tournament, to see who is the best player of this favorite past-time game. During breaks, large crowds will sometimes gather on the lawns to view these games. Those who aren’t exactly interested in the game will usually hover around the nets for a bit, and then go off to sit in the sun with their friends as they converse about daily school activities.

There also have been issues coming with the warm weather, like allergies. The sound of people blowing their noses can be heard resonating throughout the halls and the occasional sniffle will be heard in class.

In terms of sports, there have been a lot of celebration. For example, the boys baseball team finished off its season of four wins and 16 losses, a record high for our not-so-well-known baseball team. At the celebratory baseball cookout, many positive views came around about next year. In the words of Ethan Buck (class of 2020), “We’ll get ‘em next year, boys!” Also, the tennis team just finished its season with multiple wins in the PIAA State team tournament in Hershey.

Finally, the seniors had their last day of school May 17. It was a day full of laughter, tears and farewells to close friends, and sometimes siblings. Senior lockers are decorated to show which college the student will be attending. At the Senior Farewell assembly, the seniors showed off some of the many things they have been doing over the year. For example, some showed the whole school a skit they have been filming about their final year at Moravian Academy.

This year, Moravian has seen an exciting spring. Recently, the junior-senior prom was held at Hotel Bethlehem, which was the final goodbye to the seniors as they begin their adventure out into college.