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Thursday, June 4, 2020
STUDENT PROFILE - Anjini Patel, Freedom HS - Coordinated by Julie Swan STUDENT PROFILE - Anjini Patel, Freedom HS - Coordinated by Julie Swan

STUDENT PROFILE - Anjini Patel, Freedom HS - Coordinated by Julie Swan

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 by The Press in School

Grade: Graduated senior

Family members: My family consists of my mom, Seema, and my dad, Mayur, as well as my older sister Pryanka and my older brother Saajan.

Favorite subject: My favorite subjects are science and math, specifically biology and calculus. I love learning about the various structures and processes that occur within organisms, as well as the vast information regarding the human genome, DNA and hereditary traits. Further, I love the abstract concepts behind calculus, how both infinity and zero are never really attainable.

Activities: I was heavily involved in the Freedom High School Theater Company (FHSTC); in fact, I was president of the organization. I have performed in six shows in the past three years and was really looking forward to being involved in my last two shows, whether on stage or behind the scenes. I am part of French Club and Classic Book Club at FHS. Outside school, I am an avid painter and have sold many pieces on my own. I enjoy creating art and find it helps relieve the stress from hard courses or extraneous responsibilities.

Next steps: After high school I plan on attending college. I am deciding between majoring in pre-law or biology, both with a possible minor in sociology.

Career goals: I don’t have a specific career goal planned out, but I do know I want to be involved in making a difference somehow, whether it be discovering new medicines to help vast amounts of people or advocating on behalf of those who have no voice.

Heroes: Captain America. Objectively the best superhero. All jokes aside, I would have to say my heroes are my siblings. I look up to both of them in many aspects. For my sister it is her ability to stay calm in all situations. She radiates a positive energy and uses her voice to spread happiness and joy. I respect a person who will wish the cashier at the register a wonderful day – not simply because of social norms, but because they actually hope that person has a wonderful day. My brother is a different kind of role model. His charisma is something I aim to have, not only because it gets him places in life but because it draws people to him. He is liked by almost everyone her meets because he always finds a way to relate to them. His air of confidence (which I admit I strive to have) looms over him, yet that doesn’t deter others from being his friend and vice versa.

Hobbies: I love art. I paint, decorate cakes, draw, sew, pretty much anything that has to do with creativity. Painting, however, is my favorite pastime. I have many paintings hanging throughout my house and have sold many through the years. I even have a piece in Superintendent Dr. Roy’s office, as well as Principal Mr. Laporta’s office. Singing is next on my list. I have been involved in FHSTC for a while, but before that I was involved in the East Hill Theater. I was part of choir for six years and continue to sing and listen to music, ranging from top Broadway hits to Camila Cabello’s newest song.

Current job(s): I work at Geaker’s Tacos on Freemansburg Avenue.

Volunteer/community work: I have volunteered at numerous places through high school. Most prominent would have to be Horizons for Youth summer camps. I love working with kids and found my time volunteering with these camps very enjoyable. I also volunteered with the Shakespeare Festival at DeSales University and got to interact with some great performers brought straight from Broadway.

Likes: I love to watch Netflix (maybe binge is a better term), but even more, I love the Marvel Superhero series. I also love to read anything, from the latest YA novel to Dan Brown’s newest addition to the Robert Langdon books.

Dislikes: I don’t really dislike anything (unless we are counting asparagus), but country music may be the one thing I mildly dislike.

Greatest accomplishment (so far): My greatest accomplishment would have to be my grades. I tried really hard to keep a high GPA and stay active in class.

Advice for peers: If I could say anything it would be to enjoy the moment. No matter how stressful classes may seem, you home life may be, or the world around us may feel, we can always find something in the moment that will make us smile. Latch on to that, but don’t forget to let it go when the next great thing comes along.

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