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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

2019 Bridges recipients honored

Monday, July 8, 2019 by The Press in School

The Bridges Foundation was established to provide deserving students of the Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School the ability and financial support to fulfill career aspirations. The foundation provides support towards post-secondary education, the acquisition of tools and/or equipment and lastly to attend specialized training related to students career pathway. The selection for the students is determined by identifying multiple characteristics believe to be necessary for students to meet a successful post-high school experiences. The criteria included a review of academic and vocational accomplishments, occupational career aspirations, and interviews with a team of judges.

The Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School is proud to recognize the 2018-2019 Bridges Award recipients. These students have been awarded the following (FR-Freedom; LI-Liberty; NO-Northampton):

Sadie Abboud, LI $5,000 Walter Dealtry Distinguished Scholar Award

Amy Swierczek,NO $4,500 Dale Kochard Leadership Award

Abigail Wenger, LI $4,000 Elizabeth Mason Thun Scholarship

Jessica Batoussi, LI $3,500 Bridges Foundation Scholarship

Donna Basic, LI $3,000 Bridges Foundation Scholarship

Deschamps, Hazel,LI $1,500 King Spry, Herman, Freund, and Faul LLC Scholarship +

$1,500 Bridges Foundation Scholarship

Waler Garrett, LI $3,000 Porsch\e Automotive Award

Jeremiah Henry, LI $1,000 Benjamin Knauss Memorial Scholarship +

$2,000 Risbon Family Scholarship

Samuel Capwell, LI $1,500 Michael L. Albarell Electrical Artisan Award

$1,000 Elizabeth Mason Thun Artisan Award

Jared Galloway, LI $1,500 BEI Electrical Scholarship +

$1,000 Risbon Family Scholarship

Brienna Aszli, LI $2,500 Bridges Foundation Scholarship

Matthew Clark, FR $1,000 Porsche Automotive Award +

$1,500.00 Joe and Shirley Knecht-Hixson Automotive Award

Sarah Lieberman,NO $2,000 Bridges Foundation Scholarship

Justin Daniels, LI $1,000 Adam Fink Memorial Scholarship +

$1,000 Bridges Foundation Scholarship

Derek Conkle, LI $1,000 Albarell Electric Inc. Artisan Award +

$500 Elizabeth Mason Thun Artisan Award

James Spadafora,FR $1,000 Luke and Barbara Cunningham’s Distinguished

School-to-Career Scholarship +

$500 Elizabeth Mason Thun Scholarship

Shugufa Ramin, LI $1,000 Bridges Foundation Scholarship

Alex Roan, LI $1,000 Porsche Automotive Scholarship

Joseph Fekete, FR $1,000 Jerdon Construction Services LLC Carpentry Scholarship

Brianna Viera, NO $1,000 Elizabeth Mason Thun Artisan Award