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Monday, May 25, 2020
Lehigh 10U team falls to Pennridge Lehigh 10U team falls to Pennridge

Lehigh 10U team falls to Pennridge

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 by Katie McDonald in Sports

Lehigh Little League’s 10U run in the District 20 tournament ended in a 4-3 loss to Pennridge last Friday prior to its 2-0 loss to Southern Lehigh last Wednesday.

Both games were stopped and then continued due to inclement weather.

Lehigh played one inning against Southern Lehigh on Tuesday when rain postponed the game with Southern Lehigh at bat, a runner on first, and no outs.

Returning for a late start on Wednesday, Southern Lehigh scored its first run in the third inning on an error, and its second run in the fourth inning on a passed ball.

Lehigh first baseman Ben Miller led off the bottom of the fourth getting hit by a pitch, but three strike outs followed.

“Their pitcher was excellent,” said Lehigh manager Mike Kashner. “He threw a tremendous amount of curveballs, which is pretty advanced for the 9-10 level, and really kept our guys off balance with his off speed stuff. Our batters hung in there and did what they could. It was just a tough matchup for us. When we got to their relievers, we hit the ball hard. It just happened to be right at people.”

In the bottom of the fifth, David Dunham was hit by a pitch and stole second on a wild pitch. JT Solano had a base hit, and Brayden Kashner was safe at first on a fielder’s choice.

“It went to third base,” said Solano, recalling his single. “All you’ve got to do is stand in the box, be confident, swing the bat, and you’re ready to go.”

Kashner threw four pitches for three outs in the top of the sixth, and Lehigh would have its last chance to score.

Miller led off again, this time, with a single to left field, and stole second base.

“My first hit was a grounder on the third base line. I think I beat the throw by a second, and I think he jumped off the bag,” Miller said. “My second hit, I knew I was going to get a hit. I just felt it. When I was on second base, [Manager Mike Kashner] said there’s two outs, and anything in front of me, I would hold up, and in the air or behind me, I would be running.”

But that would be all for Lehigh’s offense.

“I have no issues with losing a game like this,” said Mike Kashner. “It was a great baseball game. [Southern Lehigh] had scored about 48 runs in their first three games, and we held them to two runs, one on an error and one on a passed ball. I think a bunt single was their only hit of the game, so to do that against a team that had been putting up incredible offensive output numbers, that was pretty good.”

Friday’s game at Pennridge had to be stopped for a thunderstorm, but finished the same night.

“We opened up down there with them and, you know, they’ve gone through the gauntlet,” Mike Kashner said prior to the Pennridge game. “They’ve probably played five or six games in the loser’s bracket, so they’re battle-tested. Our kids have given us everything they have. We’ll see what we can do and hopefully find a way to get a win one way or another.”