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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Lehigh tops CR

Friday, July 19, 2019 by Katie McDonald in Sports

Lehigh Little League’s 12U tournament team opened Section 6 playoffs on Saturday with an 8-6 victory over Council Rock Holland in Southampton, Pa.

Knowing the Section 6 tournament is less than a week long and that Lehigh could be playing multiple games within a short amount of time, Lehigh manager Buck Horvath and his coaches decided to use four pitchers on Saturday. That way, no one pitcher would be spent for future games.

“It ended up working to our advantage because the other team couldn’t feel comfortable with any one pitcher,” Horvath said.

Jacob Strong started the game on the mound, followed by Rocco Sciarra, Aidan Dancho, and Andrew Bowser.

“Andrew was really effective and held it there for us at 6-3 and gave us the belief we could do this,” said Horvath.

It was Council Rock Holland who had the 6-3 lead that included a three run home run in the first inning and another run in the second. Lehigh also committed two errors in the first and were down 6-1 until the fifth inning.

In the fifth, Jacob Matthews singled and with two outs, Nicholas Bowser walked and Kam Kensicki, who had 5 RBIs in the game, doubled.

“When we were down 6-1, we were kind of going through it, but not giving up,” said Horvath. “We were just going through our game plan and keeping the pitch counts down.”

With Lehigh’s last chance in the sixth inning, Connor Martinez led off with a hard single, Jaxon Horvath walked, and Andrew Bowser hit a hard single to make the score 6-5.

Justin Frey tied the game on a sacrifice fly. Dancho singled, Nick Bowser was hit by a pitch, and Kensicki hit another 2 RBI double to give Lehigh the lead and ultimately, the win.

“We were excited but not really jumping around,” said Horvath, “but I think we could see it when the score was 6-3.”