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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Hanover swim team expresses concerns over pool

Friday, August 2, 2019 by Katie McDonald in Sports

Several Hanover Stingray swim team members, coaches and parents attended the Hanover Township Board of Supervisors meeting on July 23 to find answers and express their concerns about the status of the Hanover Township swimming pool.

The pool has been closed all summer, in need of major repair or replacement, requiring the Hanover Stingrays - a competitive summer swim team - to practice at Stark Pool in Bethlehem. In addition, all of the Stingrays’ swim meets have been away meets.

Board of Supervisors Chairman John Diacogiannis said that the board would have no update for residents on the status of the pool at the July 23 meeting, but that Hanover Township Manager John Finnigan, who was on vacation, is working on it.

Diacogiannis also said there would probably be more information forthcoming in November when the township is finalizing its budget.

“There are serious underground problems on that plot of land where there are voids and rock formations,” he said.

Some of the Hanover Stingrays, including assistant coach Laurie Muller, had been under the impression that the pool could be closed permanently. When Diacogiannis said there could be a range of outcomes, such as possible repairs or building a new pool somewhere else on the property, Muller’s mind, along with other Stingrays’ minds, were put at ease.

Tommy Fortsch, a member of the Stingrays swim team, told the board that the pool has been a place to be with friends during the summer, conduct swimming lessons, provide jobs and community service hours, and to field a swim team.

The swim team also feeds Liberty High School, a point that was made by several parents outside the meeting.

Hanover resident Yana Kounoupis, while voicing her appreciation for the work the Board of Supervisors does for Hanover Township, also expressed her concern about how long it has been taking to come to a conclusion on the pool issue.

Other residents asked the board to take property values into consideration if they were to seriously consider closing the pool permanently.