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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
press photo by tim healyThe Hanover Township Community Center at 3630 Jacksonville Road. press photo by tim healyThe Hanover Township Community Center at 3630 Jacksonville Road.

Water damage to pool substantial

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 by Tim Healy Special to the Bethlehem Press in Local News

Hanover Township supervisors opened the floor to residents with questions or concerns regarding the closure of the Hanover Community Center Pool July 24.

At the previous meeting, Township Manager John Finnigan explained how 180,000 gallons of water were lost through three broken pipes when they attempted to fill the pool at the beginning of the summer, leading to underground voids both under and beside the pool, as well as the potential danger of sinkholes.

Finnigan said the board would now have to consult with sonar companies for a complete evaluation of the issue.

Finnigan was absent from this meeting, but his message was delivered through Chairman John N. Diacogiannis. “We’re trying to work with engineering firms to get us a better evaluation so we can make some decisions on what to spend in the internal, what we can spend and what we need to wait on until the budget process for next year.”

The two main courses of action include going underground and making necessary repairs, or, if the area is too damaged, building a new pool somewhere else on the property. Diacogiannis estimated the board would have a definite answer during the finalization of the budget in November.

Residents expressed their dissatisfaction to board members, emphasizing the important role the pool played in teaching children how to swim, offering recreation for the community and raising the property values of township homes.

“It’s frustrating on all of us,” Diacogiannis said. “We’re frustrated with the situation, we’re frustrated that things seem to be very slow, but it has to be done in a logical format to make sure that we aren’t spending money needlessly on evaluations that, in the end, might tell us repairs aren’t feasible.”

The next Hanover Township Board of Supervisors meeting will be held Aug. 27 at 3630 Jacksonville Road. For future meeting dates, agendas and additional information, visit