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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

McGorry one of the good guys

Thursday, August 29, 2019 by The Press in Sports

Sometimes in life, you have to recognize the good guys.

They are the ones who often are taken for granted for all the good they do and bring to a situation.

Bethlehem Catholic’s Tim McGorry is one of those.

McGorry, who began his 17th year as Bethlehem Catholic’s golf coach last week, also recently retired after a 34-year career as a theology teacher.

He truly is a credit to his profession.

McGorry always has professed and exhibited what he taught. You quickly realize that McGorry doesn’t spin any of his thoughts. They are honest and heartfelt.

I first met McGorry in 1989 when I began working with another outlet that was based in the high school.

After our first meeting, I knew McGorry was a true, old school, good guy. He is the type of person who will ask you about yourself before he will tell you about himself.

“Tim (McGorry) is a guy who will do anything for anybody,” said Liberty head golf coach Steve Bradley. “He simply is a good human being.

“I remember when my son Zack was playing and Tim would always follow what he did and came to some games.”

McGorry, who was a standout basketball player for Central Catholic in the late 1960s and early 70s, ingratiated the Becahi community with his impeccable and gracious style, as he wore many hats in touching many lives.

But his real presence has been felt at the Bethlehem Municipal Golf Course.

“He’s really the mayor of the course because he is either with the kids or playing there,” said Freedom head golf coach Mike Evans about McGorry. “He’s an ambassador for the game and never seems to have a bad day.

“He is always talking to kids about their game, and is always trying to help them.”

McGorry is an advocate of the golf for the students, as he has spent countless hours telling me how it can be improved to benefit the student-athlete.

He was involved with numerous programs at Becahi over the years, and had a stint as the boys’ hoop coach.

In his true fashion, McGorry was quoted about his resignation saying, “Coaching was becoming more important than it is.”

It was another example on how he puts everything in its proper perspective.

Thanks, Tim, for always keeping it real.

Becahi lost a pillar of character in the classroom, but they can be proud of a mainstay of integrity on the golf course.