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Thursday, January 23, 2020
STUDENT PROFILE Coordinated by Julia Swan - Mercedes Lobb, LV Charter HS for The Arts STUDENT PROFILE Coordinated by Julia Swan - Mercedes Lobb, LV Charter HS for The Arts

STUDENT PROFILE Coordinated by Julia Swan - Mercedes Lobb, LV Charter HS for The Arts

Monday, November 25, 2019 by The Press in School

Grade: 11th

Family members: Danielle (mom), Troy (dad), Asher (older brother), Aidan (younger brother), Bubbles (cat).

Favorite subject(s): My favorite school subject is history because I like to look back at the events that helped to shape our society into what it is today, and judge whether we have made progress or not.

Next steps (after high school): After high school, I want to attend Syracuse University as a public relations major, minoring in journalism.

Career goals: Once I graduate from college, I hope to begin working as a political commentator for Fox News.

Heroes: Besides my parents, I would say that my favorite singer Halsey is my hero. I discovered her music back in middle school when I was having a hard time fitting in with the rest of my classmates. They made me feel like I couldn’t be loud or have an opinion, but Halsey helped to show me that I can and should. She taught me that by speaking up, I can make an impact on the world, even if I felt small. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

Hobbies: I love to read, sing, and take photographs.

Current job(s): Right now I am not employed because I do a lot of activities around my school.

Volunteer/community work: As the president of Student Council, I am constantly coming up with ways to immerse my club into the community. Whether it be running food sales, visiting nursing homes, or making a new friend at the Special Olympics, I love to volunteer and meet new people.

Likes: I love listening to music, watching Catfish, eating pasta, solving problems, and respectfully debating about politics with my friends.

Dislikes: I dislike hot dogs, cancel culture, and avoiding important conversations in order to remain feeling comfortable.

Greatest accomplishment (so far): I would say my greatest accomplishment so far is becoming the President of the Student Council. I love working with my peers to not only improve our school but the community as well. I enjoy helping others and lifting them up when they’re down, which is something society needs more than ever these days.

Advice for peers: My biggest piece of advice for my peers, as cliche as this sounds, is to never quit or give up. Living in the world we do today can be hard. Social media pressures each one of us to live up to these unrealistic expectations just to please others; don’t give in to that. We all have one life to live, so live it by being authentically yourself.

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