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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Precious and missed

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 by The Press in Opinion

Dear Winter, you owe us a snow month! You are precious, and you are missed.

Our winter with almost no snow has been a field day for germs. Just in time for the new coronavirus.

The cold air and inside heat without snow’s moisture is a recipe for dry skin. Yuck!

Personally, I would not mind a little break from my day job. It’s the kind of job that I feel guilty for taking time off from, so enough snow to shut it down for a day or two would be nice.

That one little snow we did have? My darling child nailed me in the ear with a snowball. I want a rematch, though I won’t aim for his face or ears.

School children and teachers could use a break, and spring break is a long way off.

Some businesses suffer when we don’t have snow. Snowplow drivers. Tow truck drivers. My apologies to the people who hate to drive in snow. No apologies to the warm weather lovers; sorry, my mixed genes are solidly Scottish on this one point.

Snow is pretty. Drifts, snow on the trees, on the rooftops.It’s just lovely to look at, preferably from home, with a warm cup of coffee.

Snow is blessedly quiet. I miss that soundless fall of fluffy flakes and the comforting quiet when the streets are made less busy by the snowfall.

I know you haven’t much time left. We have already reached meteorological spring, and the official start of everyone else’s spring is coming soon.

So please, Winter, hurry and send us some snow. Maybe a bunch at once. Please!