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Thursday, May 28, 2020
Paige Zigmund was throwing the ball well before the shutdown. Paige Zigmund was throwing the ball well before the shutdown.

Liberty girls softball would feature 13 senior players

Thursday, March 26, 2020 by Katie McDonald in Sports

Liberty’s softball team was at their practice field, having a laid back whiffle ball game when they were informed that the season they were looking forward to was being postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak with no resume date given.

“I am brokenhearted,” said Liberty coach Sam Carrodo. “Thirteen out of 15 of my players are seniors.”

Senior Paige Zigmund will return to the pitcher’s circle with Kat Borda doing the catching.

“I hadn’t seen Paige throw that hard and that good as she was throwing this year,” Carrodo said. “She is doing really, really well.”

Samantha Taylor or Julie Curti will play first base, Tori Panik will play second base, Alexa Burger is the Hurricanes’ shortstop, and Julia Luisser or Hana Reifinger will play third base.

Liberty’s outfielders are Kylie Figueroa, Alanysee Solomon, and Natalie Calozzo.

“The team was looking really, really good. I thought we were going to do really well,” said Carrodo. “Freedom has good pitching and they beat us twice last year, Beca always comes up with good teams, and Easton is always tough, but I thought we could handle it, especially the way Paige was pitching.”

The Hurricanes were scheduled to scrimmage Notre Dame Green Pond on March 13 and had two other scrimmages scheduled before their March 24 season opener at Easton.

“I hate to see this happen to these kids, all of them, all the teams. It’s going to break their hearts,” Carrodo said, “but I’m not giving up until they say it’s over.”