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Monday, July 13, 2020
Sager Sager

Article By: The Press

Monday, May 18, 2020 by The Press in School

It is no secret that our world has been turned upside down recently. With all that is going on, unfortunately, Saucon Valley School District has been closed for almost two months now, and will remain closed for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. However, the district decided that the school year will continue via online school. With most of the students and faculty having access to iPads, laptops, other electronics, and Internet service at home, school is still able to be in session Mondays through Fridays. Faculty members use email, Schoology, and Google Meet/Hangout to keep in contact with the students, as well as post and submit all assignments and work. Many teachers prefer to meet with their students on a regular basis for more of an in-person teaching and instruction set-up using group video chats, while others are able to just post work on Schoology and allow for a more self-paced course to finish off the year.

With our country still being in the midst of a global pandemic and having a stay at home order in place, almost all of the second semester events have been canceled, along with all spring sports’ seasons. Some of the biggest events, such as Mini-THON, Prom, and the senior class trip to New York City, have been canceled without any plans of rescheduling as of now. As for graduation, arguably the most highly anticipated event, it is still scheduled for June 5 and will take place in a non-traditional style. Instead of having the ceremony in Saucon Valley’s auditorium, it will be held outside in the parking lot and drop-off loop. What is unique about this graduation ceremony is that it will be set-up like a drive- through. Each graduate is limited to one car, therefore only family members who can fit into that one vehicle with their senior will be able to attend. The cars will be arranged in alphabetical order and eventually make their way up to the stage, which is located in the drop-off loop. Each student will have a turn to exit the vehicle and walk up on the stage to accept a diploma in cap and gown. At that time, family members will be parked right in front of the stage and be able to take pictures and videos from their vehicle.

While the ceremony is taking place, all of it will be projected onto a large screen in the parking lot, as well as a speaker system to magnify everything being said, so that everyone can clearly watch and hear the entire ceremony. In addition to that, the entire evening will be broadcast and recorded to allow for sharing the experience with others who could not be present, and for families to experience and watch together at a later time.

This is a difficult time for the entirety of the school district, faculty, and students. Above all, everyone is spreading a little more love to the seniors who have had their last year of high school cut short, as well as many of their final moments and events cancelled. Because of this, Principal Tamara Gary, Assistant Principal Amy Braxmeier, and Athletic Director Bob Frey decided to do something special for the Saucon Valley senior class. They drove around to every house of each senior and placed “Saucon Valley Senior” signs in their yards, which displayed a very touching and thoughtful message on them.

On the 2019-2020 school year calendar for Saucon Valley School District, the last official day for students is scheduled to be Wednesday, June 10. Also, even though seniors typically end their school year at an earlier date, the district has yet to announce when or if that will happen. The last official day for teachers is scheduled to be Thursday, June 11.

The Saucon Valley School District may be closed, but they are doing everything possible to make this an educational, safe, and positive environment for their students to continue learning, succeeding, and finishing the year off strong.