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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Church, chapel tours celebrate history

Monday, March 4, 2019 by MARK KIRLIN in Local News

Historic Bethlehem’s Church and Chapel tour is a look at the Moravians who founded Bethlehem more than 270 years ago and the churches and chapels they built. These buildings represent some of the oldest in the city. The tour begins with guide Loretta Hein, who outlines the creation of the 1741 Gemeinhaus where the early Moravians lived, worshiped and conducted everyday life.

SAUCON VALLERY-District hires a new assistant supt.

Monday, December 24, 2018 by MARK KIRLIN in Local News

The Saucon Valley School Board unanimously approved the hiring of new Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kristine Rosenberger for a term of three years at $120,000 per year. Rosenberger will be replacing Dr. Susan Mowrer-Benda, who recently resigned to take over as director of curriculum and instruction at the Pleasant Valley School District.

HELLERTOWN-Borough taxes will rise next year

Monday, December 24, 2018 by MARK KIRLIN in Local News

In a nearly unanimous vote of 5 to 1, Hellertown Council passed an increase in property taxes by .75 mills in the 2019 budget. The .75 mill increase is equivalent to approximately $75 a year for properties assessed at $100,000. The only no vote came from brand new council member Andrew Hughes, who is in the process of getting up to speed. Council member James Hill was not present at the meeting.

The comments during the meeting evolved from concerns by citizens about a rumor of laying off two police officers, to dispelling the rumor and how it relates to funding and taxes.

HELLERTOWN - Lott leaves for NORCO Council

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 by MARK KIRLIN in Local News

At the Nov. 5 Hellertown Borough Council meeting, the board announced the resignation of council member Kevin Lott with regret. Lott is leaving council after 10 months to become a member of Northampton County Council. Lott will be representing the 1st district of Bethlehem, Hellertown and Freemansburg. Although Lott is leaving Hellertown Council, he plans to stay on with the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission, which he has been a member of for five years. Lott was not present during the meeting.