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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Southside Ministries closing its doors

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 by NATE JASTRZEMSKI in Local News

The Southside Ministries, a collective of four Southside churches working together in community-building efforts since 1983, ended Oct. 11 as a transition team met to officially dissolve the organization and give away the last of its cash reserves.

Those churches were Cathedral Church of the Nativity at 321 Wyandotte St., University Parish of Holy Ghost Roman Catholic at 417 Carlton Ave., St. John's Windish Evangelical Lutheran Church at 617 E. Fourth St. and St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church at 474 Vince St.

BASD: Board tours middle school

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 by NATE JASTRZEMSKI in Local News

The uncushioned fold-down seats in Nitschmann MS's auditorium, far fewer than one might think of seeing at a school with 900 students, are every bit as uncomfortable as they look. The cavernous room is also filled with an array of band equipment and generally looks shabby.

And it was the site of the Bethlehem Area School District's board of directors' facilities meeting Oct. 1, which followed a tour of much of the equally-dingy building.

Point well made.

After-school club buses approved

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 by NATE JASTRZEMSKI in Local News

Bethlehem Area School District Board of Directors voted Sept 24 to increase an after-school bus route from two to four days a week in support of student programs.

Board member Eugene McKeon supported all the agenda items listed under finance except the bus extension, citing the prohibitive cost, but Irene Follweiler disagreed. She said expanding that 4 p.m. bus run – but no others – would be very useful for students in after-school activities and show support for the programs.

District gets apology

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 by NATE JASTRZEMSKI in Local News

School Board member Basilio Bonilla Jr., at the Sept. 24 meeting, made a personal statement condemning a recent comment by the State Dept. of Education which effectively blamed teachers for high levels of cheating in several districts statewide, including Bethlehem.

Superintendent Dr. Joseph Roy said in a phone interview Sept. 26 the BASD has been vindicated.

Roy said it was reported in a local daily newspaper Bethlehem's was one of six districts named as suffering grade drops due to cheating and the district could be in for intense state monitoring.

Green cemetery opens Oct. 10

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 by NATE JASTRZEMSKI in Local News

The first green cemetery in the Lehigh Valley will officially open Oct. 10 at 1121 Graham St. in Fountain Hill.

Green Meadow will be the sixth such site in Pennsylvania, and is part of the larger and historic Fountain Hill Cemetery. It is a burial ground of wild flowers and grasses in which the unembalmed dead can be interred in a wholly natural way. This includes vaultless graves and caskets made from readily biodegradable materials.

Have ID? 13 days to register

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 by NATE JASTRZEMSKI in Local News

The polls open in 40 days, and as of this minute the contentious statewide Voter ID law is a hot potato; it's effective and binding but tossed from one level of court to another as it burns partisan hands before the election.

Enacted earlier this year, the law was later upheld by Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson. Two weeks ago, it was appealed before the State Supreme Court, which sent it back to Simpson with the directive of certifying the law isn't actually excluding those trying to get an ID.