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Thursday, January 23, 2020
Allan Johnson, who calls himself an “impulse” shopper, didn’t plan to buy fastnachts, but when he walked into the store, he smelled them baking and grabbed a bag of “powdered.” Copyright -

Feasting on fastnachts

By DOROTHY GLEW in Local News

For years Valley Farm Market has done a big business selling fastnachts on the days preceding Lent, and this year was no exception.

Anticipating that they would not be eating sweets during the fourty days of Lent, people poured in to...

Ruth Plebani holds a picture of her with her son, Keith Goosman. CHRIS REBER/TIMES NEWS

An addict’s mother reaches out

By CHRIS REBER in Local News

Ruth Plebani used to feel shame over her sons’ addiction to drugs, but after one nearly died from an overdose, she decided it was worth sharing her story if it helps others get into rehab.

Her son Keith Goosman had been confined to a...