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Monday, July 13, 2020
PRESS PHOTO COURTEY BAVTSTop row: Shelbie Selvaggio, SV; Jake Bruchak, SV; Ava Santorelli, ND; Alex Balash, LI; Gabriella Evans, FR; and Zane Henritzy, NO. Second row: Hunter Woodring, NO; Harkiran Bhullar,FR; Treasa Burke, LI; Derek Thomas, NO; Olivia Kacerik, SV; Janel Mackaravitz, FR; and Kenneth Zuniga, FR. Third row: Andre Banegas Lopez, FR; Caylin Markle, SV; Joel Valencia, NO; Liam Chavez,

Recognizing exceptional work

By LANI GOINS in School

On June 4, the Bridges Foundation awards were presented to 25 seniors graduating from the Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School (BAVTS). The Foundation was created in 1998, and is administered by Board of Directors. To be eligible, students...